How does small business help in improving economic conditions of rural areas Class 11?

Small- scale businesses are, therefore, set up all over the country. Many of them providing employment opportunities to people in rural areas. This triggers the redistribution of wealth and income, and enables the equitable distribution of income in rural areas.

How does small business help in improving economic condition of rural area?

The increase of small-scale industries in villages and rural areas preventing the migration of village people into urban areas. 5. The development of these industries also helps in other socioeconomic ways like reducing the income inequalities, development of a rural area, and other backward areas also, etc.

How can small business contribute in the development of rural areas?

The small scale industries offer many benefits in rural areas. They offer non-farm employment to the people. The small scale industries help to offer employment opportunities. They also help to curb the migration of rural people to urban areas by giving them ample opportunities in their rural areas.

What is the role of small business in improving economic conditions of rural India?

Answer: Small Scale enterprises provide the numerous benefits in rural area. (iii) Prevention of Migration Development of rural and village industries can also prevent migration of rural population to urban areas in search of employment. …

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What is the role of small business class 11?

A business which operates on a small scale and required less capital, less labour and less machines is called small business. The goods are produces on a small scale. This business is operated and managed by the owner of the business.

What is the good business in rural area?

Ans- Organic Vegetable Farming or Production is the most profitable business in the village or rural area. Organic farming’s demand has drastically increased over the years especially in the urban sector, hence, with a good supply and a proper vendor you can incur handsome profits.

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