How do I get Brgy clearance for my business?

How much is barangay permit for Sari Sari Store?

A micro-entrepreneur, for example, who wishes to confine the right to use his/her BN within a barangay will pay P200 for registration; within a city/municipality, P500; within a region, P1,000; and national, P2,000.

Who is eligible for cedula?

In general, individuals who meet the following criteria can get a cedula: Resident of the Philippines 18 years old and above. Individuals who are salaried employees for at least 30 consecutive working days during the calendar year. Those who own a business or are engaged in business within the municipality or city.

What are the 5 steps in securing barangay clearance?

Steps and Procedures

  1. Fill out the application form. • Go to the designated Barangay Hall. • …
  2. Assessment. • Wait for the assessment. Normally, it takes 15 to 30 minutes.
  3. Payment. • Get the assessed application. • …
  4. Receiving. • Submit the paid application.
  5. Release. • After receiving the paid application, wait for the release.

Can someone get a Cedula for me?

Answer. Yes. You can get CEDULA in behalf of your friend or other person.

Can I get Cedula online?

How to get Cedula online. Some cities provide online applications for Cedula, meaning you can apply for it in the comfort of your home. Cebu City and San Fernando, La Union government, launched an online platform for CTC registration.

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How much is a Cedula?

00 basic tax and additional P1. 00 for every P1,000.00 gross receipts or earnings derived from business during the preceding year, additional P1. 00 for every P1,000.00 salaries or gross receipt or earnings derived from exercise of profession or pursuit of any occupation and additional P1.

How can I get barangay clearance 2020?


  1. Go to your place’s Barangay Hall. Inform the officer that you are applying for a Barangay Clearance.
  2. State the reason why you need a Barangay Clearance (ID requirement, employment, Postal ID, etc.).
  3. Present your Cedula. …
  4. Pay the application and processing fees.
  5. Wait for your Barangay Clearance to be released.

Can I get police clearance certificate from local police?

Complete the online application form, pay the fee and schedule an appointment to submit the documents to the nearest PSK. Submit the documents at PSK: You must personally submit your documents. Police verification: Personal presence is mandatory. Collect the PCC from PSK: It may be collected in person.

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