Your question: How do I protect my business name in Oklahoma?

Filing a Trade Name with the Oklahoma Secretary of State will protect the use of your business name within Oklahoma. The filing will also check for conflicts with existing Oklahoma businesses.

How do you secure a small business name?

Your brand is your business’s identity, so it’s important to secure it. To be sure no one improperly uses your business’s name or branding, you need to obtain a trademark. To do so, you’ll need to file an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

How do you trademark a business name in Oklahoma?

To register your Oklahoma LLC, you’ll need to file the Articles of Organization with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. You can apply online or by mail. Read our Form an LLC in Oklahoma guide for details. Or use a professional service like ZenBusiness or LegalZoom to form your LLC for you.

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Do I need a DBA in Oklahoma?

A business is not required to register a DBA in Oklahoma. However, doing so will secure the business’ exclusive right to use a name within the state. This is important not only for business purposes relating to dispelling any potential consumer confusion, but is also a concern as it pertains to legal liability.

Does an LLC protect your business name?

When you incorporate, form an LLC, or file a DBA (Doing Business As), this process registers your business name with that state’s secretary of state. … It prevents anyone else from using the name within the state, but it doesn’t offer any kind of protection in the other 49 states.

How do I protect my business name online?

Contact the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, online or by phone to trademark the business name. You can only trademark a name that is not currently trademarked or in use by another business in the country.

What do you do if someone uses your business name?

If someone uses your name, simply showing proof that you’ve trademarked the name could be enough to convince a business to choose something else. Most importantly, if you must go to court, you’ll have legal proof that you registered the name. However, you don’t have to trademark your business name to protect it.

How much does it cost to trademark a name in Oklahoma?

The cost of securing a trademark from the Oklahoma Secretary of State is the $50 registration fee and whatever you pay someone else to file.

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Where do I register my business name in Oklahoma?

Registering a Business Name

In Oklahoma, once the name of a business has been decided, the owner(s) can seek to register it for exclusive use in the state. To do this, the person(s) involved should contact the office of Oklahoma’s Secretary of State (SOS) and complete a Trade Name Report.

How do I add a DBA to an LLC in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, you register your DBA with the secretary of state. You can file online at the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website, or you can complete the trade name report form. The application will ask for your new DBA name and information about your business, such as: Section 3: Type of business.

How much does it cost to file a DBA in Oklahoma?

File the DBA (trade name). Whenever you use a business name that isn’t your legal name, you must register it with the Secretary of State. You’ll need to file the Trade Name Report with the Secretary of State Forms Library and submit it to the Secretary of State. The filing fee is about $25.

What’s the difference between DBA and LLC?

When considering the difference between DBA and LLC, a limited liability company, or “LLC,” is a legal body that is separate and distinct from its owners. A “DBA,” or “doing business as,” is merely a name owners use to conduct their business and has no legal force.

Do you have to register a sole proprietorship in Oklahoma?

While the sole proprietor is such a simple business classification that Oklahoma doesn’t even require a business registration process or any type of fees, depending on how you use your sole proprietorship and what industry you operate in, you still might have some important steps that need to be taken.

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Is it worth trademarking a business name?

The short answer is no. Brand protection, such as trademark, is a separate consideration which is not achieved by these measures and which often goes neglected. Here at LawBite we are frequently asked whether putting trademark protection in place is worth the cost and effort involved.

What happens if someone trademark your business name?

The answer is that a registered trademark gives you the exclusive right to use your business name nationwide in connection with the goods and services you’ve identified in your registration, and allows you to enforce your trademark by filing a lawsuit in federal court.

You certainly don’t have to register the copyright and trademark your company’s name or logo. In the United States, you own the copyright as soon as you put original work on a piece of paper or computer drive, and you win a trademark as soon as you use your name and logo for marketing your business.

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