Best answer: How do I set up an iCloud account for my business?

Should I set up a separate Apple ID for work?

An AppleID creates a single iCloud, FaceTime and iMessage account. Those single accounts do not allow for any separation of content. You would need a second AppleID to create work-specific Apple service accounts if you wish to keep things separate.

Is Apple business account free?

Cupertino offers free business profiles for companies of any size. With such a profile, you can learn how Apple can help your business, receive referrals to IT consultants who can assist you, and get discounts on Apple products.

How do I set up a separate Apple ID for work?

Create an Apple ID on another device

  1. Go to the Apple ID account page and click Create your Apple ID.
  2. Follow the onscreen steps. …
  3. Enter a phone number that you can always access.
  4. Check the boxes to subscribe to Apple Updates if you’d like. …
  5. Click Continue.

How do I create a managed Apple ID for my business?

Create new Managed Apple IDs with verified domain names

Tap Accounts in the sidebar, then search for an account in the search field. See How to search. Select the users from the list. Tap Edit in the Account row, then tap the Add button to select what the Managed Apple ID will start with.

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Can you have 2 Apple ID accounts?

Answer: A: You can create 2 Apple IDs to do that. That will keep your work related information separate from your personal information. There shouldn’t be any complications from using two Apple IDs unless you need to share data between the two IDs.

Should I use my work email for my Apple ID?

Create an Apple ID

Use your work email address when you create one, and your home email address when you create the other. Apple will have no idea they’re actually for the same person.

How much do you save with an apple business account?

Apple Retail Business Team

According to a recent report, the Apple Business Team begins offering discounts at $5,000 per year, with larger discounts available when spending $35,000 or $200,000 in a given year. Like the EPP corporate discounts, savings vary depending on the machine.

How much does Apple for business cost?

Businesses can use Apple Business Manager completely free of charge. Using Apple Business Manager is highly recommended for any business purchasing Apple devices for their employees.

Can I have a personal and business Apple ID?

Your company can create Managed Apple IDs for employees to use for business purposes. … You can associate your Managed Apple ID with the same email address and phone number as your personal Apple ID. Unlike with personal Apple IDs, IT administrators manage the services that your Managed Apple ID can access.

Can I use Gmail for Apple ID?

Starting today, you can change your Apple ID from a third-party email service such as Gmail or Yahoo to an Apple domain… … The company explains that if your Apple ID is currently associated with a Gmail or Yahoo email address, you can now switch to,, or account.

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Can I have two Apple IDs with the same email address?

Answer: A: Answer: A: No. An AppleID is just an email address, so no two emails can in fact be the same AppleID.

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